Root Marketing aims to amplify sustainable business growth through creative and professional marketing solutions.

About Us

We were founded in September 2012 by managing director: Sawan Patel. The business idea came about when Sawan spotted a real need for affordable but high quality multi channel marketing solutions for businesses. These include:Targeted Marketing Campaigns, Web Design & SEO, Photography, Branding, Graphic Design & Print, Video Production, Social Media and Copywriting & PR.  Since starting the business, Sawan assembled a team of reliable, professional and trustworthy partners to help execute the services we offer to the best possible standards.

We operate very similarly to an agency. However, all our freelance designers and producers work under one roof of management, this ensures clear and responsive communication throughout the company. We are based in Leicester but operate anywhere within the UK.

Already providing high quality services for reputable businesses such as (also seen below): Absolute Action, The Art Light, Autumn House, More Restaurant, Pro Active Resolutions, Ram Jewellers, Suit Yourself and many more.  We are reliable, trustworthy and organised. We work hard when striving to meet and exceed our clients’ business objectives.

Company Objectives

  1.  To conduct and provide a high quality service at all times, this includes client projects and customer service experience.
  2.  To keep clients informed about progress on projects whenever possible.
  3. To support and recommend clients businesses whenever the opportunity arises.
  4.  To keep clients up to date on technological advancements and networking opportunities that can benefit them. There are many services we can package together to benefit your business.




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