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Professional Copywriting

Great copywriting connects with it’s target market. It cuts out the excess and identifies with it’s audience. Our professional copywriters have a history of providing superb, customised content within a variety of fields.

Finding the right words can be difficult, whether they are for a website, brochure, leaflet or social media project. Our team of creative copywriters will make that problem a thing of the past.

We Know Our Audience

What is your target market passionate about? How can you connect with them through words? Our copywriters are experts at creating copy that is targeted and relevant to it’s audience.

We Create Leads

Brilliant copy draws an audience’s attention. It compels them to continue reading. Our copywriting team can contribute high quality content that gets your market interested and keeps them tuned in to your unique selling propositions.

We Make Connections

Our copy connects with customer’s passions. We can relate to prospects in a short written advert, on a welcome page or in any other form.

We Are Versatile

Copywriting comes in different shapes and sizes. Our team has a history of providing a wide selection of formats in a variety of styles. Get in touch to discuss your copy needs today.


Create a buzz around your business!

A great PR campaign should increase credibility, boost advertising and increase sales. Root Marketing are experts at this.

Our PR campaigns get customers excited. They don’t just improve brand awareness, they create a buzz around your business. Our methods get to the root of your campaign.

We want to know what makes your company tick. By utilising our expert PR staff, we can ensure that providing a customised service really does pay off. Outsourcing your PR to Root Marketing is a fantastic way to increase your page ranking on search engines and gain brand exposure.

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