Targeted Marketing Campaigns

We Get Higher Responses From Marketing Campaigns

Tailor-Made Marketing

Great marketing is an invaluable tool. It connects with customers, gets people talking and ultimately, increases the value of your company. Our marketing strategies do exactly that.

Every business is different.

We sit down with our clients and gain an understanding of their company. This approach gives us the perfect insight into their business. We understand that every company has its own personality. It is our aim to discover this and market it appropriately.

Every marketing campaign is tailor made.

A good marketing campaign is more than knowing the demographics of your customer. It reaches your target market on their level and instantly identifies with them. Our stringently planned proposals do exactly this.

Using our in-depth knowledge we put together a proposal of recommendations that guarantee to reach your target market.

We Are Always Listening.

Business relies on open channels of communication. We are always happy to hear feedback from clients. Our marketing strategies are recommended, discussed and agreed upon every step of the way.

Root Marketing’s strategies are made to order.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Customers are the most valuable asset to any business, so communicating with them via their preferred channel is absolutely vital to success. A customer is more inclined to show an interest if they are reached in a way that suits their needs.

We truly believe that the best marketing campaigns are multi-channelled. This allows the key messages of the campaign to be communicated consistently through different mediums.


Types Of Channel

Our marketing team are experts at reaching customers via different mediums. These include


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