Video Production

Video Is Quicker Communication Between You And Your Customers

How Can Video Help Your Business?

Video marketing is personal, optimises search results and engages visual learners. We boast a client history that educates, advertises and creates a buzz around your business. Root Marketing is passionate about high quality professionally crafted marketing videos.

Take Advantage.

Video is where the vast majority of your target market spend their time. 55 per cent of people watch at least one online video everyday. Use our services to reach your target market via their preferred medium.

Share It Out.

Video sharing is integral to digital marketing. A brilliant video can create hype, inspire, influence and engage a huge number of potential customers. Sharing videos across social media platforms can make all the difference.

Numbers Talk.

Video statistics are incredibly easy to access and measure. They instantly show the success of your video campaign at any time. Make guess work a thing of the past, let the numbers do the talking.

Video Lives Forever.

As well as being extremely search effective, videos stay online and appear in search engine results for a very long time. This makes a video marketing campaign incredibly cost effective. Get in touch for a marketing campaign that has no end date.


Video Services



Business Promo Video

Business promotional videos showcase your business model to potential customers. In a short introductory video a customer can understand what you offer, what your unique selling propositions are and what differentiates you from your competitors. Ensure your target market understands who your business is, right from the beginning.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are a great way to generate sales. They invoke trust, create respectability and guarantee to improve customer relationships. We create professional, genuine testimonial videos to enlighten your prospects.

Promotional Videos

Is there a specific message you would like to communicate with customers or prospects? Do you want to highlight a particular service or product within your business? Do you have an outstanding promotion that needs a marketing video to support it? Whatever you need to promote, we promise to get the message across.

Advertisement Video

Advertisement videos can inspire, engage and promote your brand to a larger audience. If you have a brilliant idea for an advertisement video and don’t know where to begin, then we can help. We have the resources to find actors, props, settings and a professional team of video producers.


Video Tutorials

A tutorial video is a method of transferring knowledge or instruction. Show your customers how they can use, install or get to grips with your product or service. After all, nobody knows your business better than you.


Animation Video

Animation videos are a great way of reaching your audience in a light hearted fashion. Whether you would like to use this service for promotional, tutorial or advertising reasons, our animation videos can be tailor made to fit your needs.


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